The Glutes and all you need to know to get Fired up

The place to build the Glutes you want and show off. Welcome back and thank you for reading my previous articles if you have and, if you haven’t, please check them out, as they are a wealth of information, and I’m very sure they can help you in one way or another. In this article, we will be talking about the glutes, the butt, the bums, the tushy, the bunghole and the list goes on, and on. It is a body part that a good deal of people neglects to target directly and, hence appear disproportionate. This article is the road to recovery… The road to giving you the look you want and deserve. It is gonna take some work, dedication, consistency, and drive. So let us get started…

Anatomy of the Glutes

The largest muscle in your body and easily the most powerful is the gluteus maximus, it makes up most of the muscle size in your backside. Then you have the gluteus medius, and the smallest, the gluteus minimus.

Gluteus maximus – The largest of the three muscle. Basically what gives shape to your rear and prevents your butt from looking like a pancake or the Saggy butt Syndrome.
Glutes Medius – The gluteus medius or the upper glutes, this muscle is a deeper layer of muscle and is below the gluteus maximus.

Gluteus Minimus – It is located even deeper and directly beneath the gluteus medius.

Note – Muscles, along with fat, make up the main bulk and shape of the buttocks’.Subcutaneous fat(adipose tissue) below the skin, is the layer of fat which covers a great majority of your body. Most people associate fat with being unwanted, but let it be known in some places we definitely need and do want to have a healthy layer of subcutaneous fat because it rests above the gluteal muscles and gives your tushy a more rounded, fuller attracting asset to have. Makes it look great.

The Glutes

The Role of The Glutes

The glutes as you well know, play a variety of roles in our every day lives. The gluteus maximus is responsible for extension of the hip in a backward manner. Swinging your leg back behind your torso, as in leg lifts, sidekicks and walking. Glutes are activated while performing exercises, such as squats, deadlifts, bent over rows and the list goes on. Strengthening and toning your glutes will dramatically improve your overall rear appearance and boost your self-confidence. I mean, all women crave to have a well-rounded full buttocks’, makes women more desirable. For each is own, I always say. More cushion for the push in. Men also want nice buttocks’ for whatever reason. Hell, I do. Makes the pants and shorts I wear look great.

The best Glute Exercises

Training this muscle will do wonders for the way your butt looks. Stronger muscles naturally have to be larger, and a larger gluteus maximus will give you a rounder and more shapely butt. Training the upper glutes can also help to balance out butt the shape, and round out the overall buttocks’ appearance. There are many exercises for the glutes. However, here is a list of exercises that I have used to help me develop my glutes and boost my self-esteem. What’s great, you can do them at home as well.

1. Squats(hands down, the emperor of lower body exercises)

2. Deadlifts

3. Walking Lunges(barbell or dumbbell)

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4. Bulgarian Split Squats

5. Stiff legged deadlifts

6. Stepup(one of the best tushy building exercises)

7. Hip Thrust(lie on your back, knees bent, and lift glutes off the ground)

8. Back Extension

9. Single-Leg Straight-Leg Deadlift

10. Kettlebell Swing

11. There are also exercises that are great for toning found here.

Note – Pick at least three of the exercises weekly, change the exercises routine every three months. By doing this, you are shocking the muscle and it will respond with growth. If you constantly repeat the same exercises weekly, then your body knows what to expect and you will reach a plateau of no growth. Apply this to any body part. Think about doing the same activity, week after week. Sooner or later you will get bored. The body reacts the same way.


How I did it

I engage in an exercise regimen three times a week. I do full body work out, applying the split workout system. So for example, I will do one(1) hour in the am hours and one(1) hour in the pm hours. I work on my buttocks’ three times a week and about fifteen(15) minutes each session. I do not target specific rep range for buttocks’. I just crank the reps out until failure. Whether it is squats, deadlifts or step-ups. Only with the glutes. The biceps, triceps, back muscles, traps, and other muscle groups are done using rep range. I feel that if you have lagging glutes, then you should emphasize enough focus and work to develop them, to your appeal factor and desired result.


Thank you for reading my article. We went over the anatomy of the glutes, The exercises that can help develop the glutes. The list I provided are the same exercises I have used myself. It is important to develop every facet of the human body. You Can’t have great legs and a tushy that looks like a pancake. Just won’t look right. It’s just like having a big chest, and have scrawny biceps and triceps. Exercising s not seasonal, it is a lifetime commitment to discipline and drive. Anyone can do it, it is up to you, in how bad you want it. No one is gonna do it for you. So stop being lazy and, motivate yourself, Listen to Motivational videos, audios and read books. Retrain your mind and promise yourself change. It will happen, that is just how physics work. You attract what you think of. How many of you want to change? Can you picture in your mind, how life can be for you if you decide today to change. Please leave me a comment below. If you have any questions, leave them below and I will get back to you soon enough. Until then, here is to a new and better version of yourself.


Anatomy of the Glutes



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