The Best Hamstring Exercises, hands down!

Hello and welcome back. In this article we will be discussing, the Best Hamstring Exercises, hands down! The hamstrings consist of three muscles. Located behind the quadriceps, which is the front muscle of the upper leg. Many people do neglect to exercise the hamstring muscle directly. Instead, they hit the muscle indirectly. In the long run, not getting the full benefit and reaching their full potential. We will be going over the anatomy of the Hamstring muscle, the role in which they play in our daily lives, the best exercises for maximum growth and development. We will also discuss how I built my hamstrings and then conclude. How many of us would love to have well-fitted trousers and shorts? Hit the beach and show off your hard-earned work. Who would like to be able to perform the daily task, feel great and powerful doing them? Well, let’s get started.

Anatomy of Hamstrings

The muscles in the posterior compartment of the thigh( behind the upper leg) are known together as the hamstrings. They consist of the biceps femoris, semitendinosus, and semimembranosus, which form prominent tendons medially and laterally at the rear of the knee. As a group, these muscles always work and act together to stretch at the hip, and also flex at the knee. If you want to see the hamstring muscles in action, stand straight, and then lower your self down partially, as if you are performing a squat. You will feel the hamstring muscles, and with proper lighting, depending on your muscle mass, and definition – might be able to see the muscle formation. It is pretty cool and motivating to see.

Muscles in the Posterior Compartment

The muscles found within the posterior compartment of the thigh are the biceps femoris, semitendinosus, and semimembranosus. Again this muscle group is located behind the upper leg.

Biceps Femoris

The muscles of the posterior thigh

Like the biceps brachii in the arm, the biceps femoris muscle has two heads – a long head and a short head.

It is the most lateral of the muscles in the posterior thigh – the common tendon of the two heads can be felt laterally at the posterior knee. The Biceps Femoris is crucial for knee flexion, internal and external rotation, and hip extension.


The semitendinosus is a huge tendinous muscle. It rests medially to the biceps femoris and covers most of the semimembranosus. The Semitendinosus has several operations, including allowing the leg to flex and rotate, also serving as a thigh extensor


The semimembranosus muscle is flattened and broad. It is located underneath the semitendinosus. The semimembranosus acts out the same way as the semitendinosus.

Role of the Hamstrings

The hamstrings assist us in many ways. They allow us to perform our day to day activities, and especially in sports. Here are a few that come to mind, we use the hamstring muscles in walking, climbing stairs, running, swimming, jumping and squatting. We also use them to deadlift, sprint and cycle. So, you can see how important it is to have strong, well-developed hamstring muscles.


The Best Hamstring Exercises, hands down!

Here is a list of hamstring exercises that I feel are the best and most effective. I have used them myself since day one and continue to use them today. Pick at least two or three, each time you hit the gym, whether it is at home or at a local gym. If you are a beginner, I recommend starting with just one exercise. Well, let’s get into them.

1. Deadlift

2. Squat

3. Glute Bridge or Single Leg Glute Bridge

The Great Phil Heath and Kai Green

4. Dumbbell Romanian deadlift or Barbell Romanian Deadlift (lower weight only to mid shin, then stand upright)

5. Lying leg curl

6. Good Mornings

7. Glute Bridge with Hamstring Curl (using a Swiss ball)

8. Reverse Leg Curls

9. Step-ups

10. Leg Presses

How I Did It

How I developed my hamstrings, is basically the same approach to every body part that I focus on especially on risky lifts such as bench press, shoulder press, bent over rows etc. The keyword is the focus. It is important that you remain focused on your form. Not the quantity, but the quality. It is the quality of the workout that will help you achieve your desired goal. When I, work on my hamstring muscles. I do a minimum of 2-3 exercises, 2 days a week. I will choose from the list above and begin sculpting. To build strength, I rep out 6-8 reps, for building mass, I rep out 8-12 reps and 12-15 reps for definition. It is important, that you adjust the weight in order to feel the pain, meaning the muscle is working, the intensity as you approach the rep range for what you are aiming to achieve. You simply cannot build muscle if you do not feel the muscle working. So slow down, watch your tempo, be patient, and you will grow. It is really that simple.


As you have read and seen the great emphasis I put on having well-developed hamstrings, the importance of, and the map to get you where you want to go, in terms of your physique. I strive to reach and give my audience all that I can in order to help you reach and achieve your desired goals. In any undertaking, you must realize that it will not come easy. That all success is obtained through due diligence. Hard work, dedication, and the drive to be the best in everything you do. Regardless of the obstacles, the toxic people that you may encounter, including family. You must believe in yourself. Remember the old saying that “seeing is believing”, well! as Joel Osteen has said, “believing is seeing“. I hope I was able to draw a clear enough picture for you to see. If you have any questions or care to leave a comment, please do so, and with that being said. Lift up a glass of protein, and here is to a better tomorrow and a new version of yourself. Take care for now.




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