How to Tone and Lift them Saggy Butts (Men and Women)


Hello everyone and welcome back. In this article, we will be discussing how to tone and lift them saggy butts. A most unusual title to define the glutes or buttocks. In a previous article, I discussed the Glutes in terms of bodybuilding. However, this article will most definitely use a different approach. Since most of us are not into bodybuilding, but into looking toned. Especially for women in this particular area of the body. I guess you can say men as well since most men don’t really put much emphasis into their butts. If all men only knew the importance of having toned buttocks, and the effects on the body it can have in a positive way, and a negative way, if neglected.

Benefits of a Tone Butt, Glutes

Let’s start off by saying, the glutes/buttocks are the largest muscle in the body. Developed toned glutes increase your force and power from sprinting, jumping, and squatting to climbing, swinging etc. A strong butt, protects your joints, your knees by keeping them stable, especially when squatting, and prevents lower back pain which is very common. By increasing your strength, endurance, and resistance, you can have pain free lower back and hips. For women, along with the same benefits for men, strengthing your buttocks will help regulate your menstrual cycles and reduce ovulation. Improves your appearance for one, and te sex appeal boost like a rocket. It is shown that a smaller waist and a larger hip circumference is a definite eye opener and increases sex appeal by far. Go tone your butt and get that booty…..



The Disadvantages of not Having a Tone Butt, Glutes

First of all, your butt will resemble that of a pancake. Your self-esteem and confidence will start to plummet and takes away from your overall appearance. This issue is more common among women since most men do not really care about having buttocks. Moving on, You will also develop Plantar Fasciitis – Sharp pain and inflammation of the heels as a very late sign of weak buttocks/glutes. There can also be a relation with blisters and other foot issues associated with weak glutes. You will also experience knee and hip pain. You will develop poor posture, followed by lower back pain. I can speak from experience. It was constant and daily until I was advised to directly tone and strengthen my buttocks. Needless to say, over time, the pain and discomfort diminished. Today it is just a bad memory.

The Best Exercises For the Butt

Okay, here I will list the best exercises for the butt, buttocks/Glute strengthening and toning exercises. I personally perform them and find them easy and less strenuous to do, and extremely effective. I advise you to start off with two exercises three times a week. Three sets and reps tp failure. Then as your body becomes accustomed to working out,  increase to four to five sets, and three to four exercises, three times a week.

1. Extended-Range Side Lying Hip Extension

2. Stepups (done on a box or improvise and use steps), (hands down an awesome butt workout)

3. Hip Thrust (while lying on your back, hands under butt, and lift hips straight up away from the floor and back down)

4. Single Hip Thrust

5. Barbell squats

6. Sumo squats using kettle Dumbbell

7. Back Extension

8. Bulgarian Split Squatt

9. Kettle Swing

10. Clam Shell (laying on your side, legs bent at a 90-degree angle, while legs are together, open your knees as far as you can and repeat)

11. Quadruped Hip Extension (on all fours, keep your leg bent and lift straight up, hold and back down, then repeat)

12. Quadruped Leg Swings (on all fours, extend your leg straight back and lift up, hold and back down, then repeat)


How I Did It

The way I developed my buttocks, was thru persistence, patience, and determination. I also selected two or three exercises from the list above of exercises to tone your butt. Perform them no more than three times a week, at four to five sets to failure. Sometimes I would use resistance bands or ankle weights. Depend on how I felt and what my objective was, in order to reach my desired goal. Believe me, your butt will become soar. However, I made sure I had a great butt workout. You will overcome the soreness and reap the rewards. Talk about a self-esteem and confidence boost.


We covered an important topic which is frequently neglected. Many of trot along and carry on our daily lives, knowing that we have low self-esteem and lack confidence. We cannot sit by and allow it to consume us and dictate our daily lives. NO! we want to be free from that bondage and choose what we want to do, who we want to speak to and where we want to go without having an overwhelming negative feeling. When and Where do we start to change that? We start now!!!! Whatever you are lacking in, take a step back, look at the picture from outside the box and make a make a drastic change. Dude or dudette, you only live once, so what the hell are you waiting for. Go out and live. Start the change, Whether it is going to the gym and build a new you, for men, growing a beard or shaving it off with a sick haircut or hat. For women, tone your butt, better yet, tone the hell out of your body, biceps, triceps, chest, legs etc, show off and flaunt what God gave you. Perhaps get a new wardrobe, new friends, then reprogram your mind for success, and happiness. I personally love reading books on personal development and motivation, goal setting and the law of attraction. I also enjoy listening to audio on personal development and watching motivational videos. As Tony Robbins and his hour of power (20 mins of religion, health, and motivation), which I have incorporated into my life. Go out there and make a difference. Here is to a new and better version of yourself. Please, if you have any comments or care to leave feedback, do so and I will get back to you as soon as possible. God bless you and be happy.

Go Get That Booty…..







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