How To Lose Your Belly, Your Big Fat Belly

Hello and welcome back. In this article, we are going to discuss, how to lose your belly, your big fat belly. It is that time of year to show off your biceps, chest, triceps, here it comes, your six-pack or in many, your keg. It shouldn’t be that time of year or a seasonal task on the to-do list, to tone up your mid-section. It should be year round, but Let’s go ahead and keep it at that. We will learn why we should trim down our waistline. The benefits of having a tone midsection, and the health risk associated with a big fat belly. Will go over different programs and exercises to help you achieve your goal and show off the new and improved you.


The Health Issues Associated with Big Bellies, Fat Bellies

The health risk, once aware is a definite eye-opener and will definitely make you see things in a different perspective. The trouble with belly fat is that it’s not limited to the extra layer of padding located underneath the skin (subcutaneous fat). It also includes visceral fat which is deep inside your abdomen, surrounding your internal organs. It does not matter your overall weight, having a large amount of belly fat totally increases your risk of the following,

1. High blood pressure

2. Cardio Vascular Disease

3. Colorectal Cancer and Other Types of Cancer

4. Insulin Resistance and Type-2 Diabetes

5. Sleep Apnea

6. Aches and Pains, bad posture and weak core, leaving you prone to Umbilical hernias (spoken out of experience)

7. Alzheimer’s Disease

8. Stroke

9. Dementia

10. Coronary Artery Disease

11. Metabolic Syndrome

12. High Cholesterol

13. Breast Cancer

Note: Your genes also can contribute to your chances of being overweight or obese, as well as your age.

Diet and Nutrition

As far as diet and nutrition are concerned. Everyone is different. Some people can tolerate strict diet regimens. Everyone is different and couldn’t care less about dieting, but then suffer the consequences later in life. As for me, I was unable to, so I took a different approach. What I did was eat in moderation. Limit my intake of sweets, junk foods, red meats, and carbs. Drink plenty of water and have water replace your beverages. Increased my cardio. During my workouts, I increase my reps, did supersets and giant sets. That alone made huge changes. However, here are some diet programs to look into if you are interested, click here.

Here are some foods that will help you will lose weight. Almonds and other nuts (with skins intact), Spinach and other green vegetables, Beans and legumes, Dairy products (fat-free or low-fat milk, yogurt, cheese), turkey, lean meats, eggs, Instant oatmeal (unsweetened, unflavored) and my favorite, peanut butter.

The Best Programs and Exercises

There are many programs out there, that are designed to help you lose weight and tone up, especially for our midsections. Here are some of my favorite programs and a list of my favorite exercises hands down, that you can try to see what is your best fit. I cycled through a few, mentioned here until I found what worked for me. The exercises, on the other hand, are the best of the best in my opinion.

Best Workout Programs

1. Interval Training

2. Weight Training

3. Yoga

4. Boxing

5. Crossfit

6. Running

7. Jump Rope

8. Tabata

9. Swimming

10. Bootcamp

The Best Exercises For The Abdominal, Big Fat Belly

1. Crunches

2. Sit-ups (flat and declined) (body weight or weights)

3. Ab wheel

4. Barbell Rollout (same like the ab wheel, but with a barbell)

5. Arms-High Partial Situp

6. Swiss Ball Crunches

7. Flutter Kicks

8. Leg Raises

9. Russian Twist (body weight or dumbbell, weights)

10. Plank, Side Plank, Star Plank

11. Mountain Climbers

12. Knee Raise on Pullup Bar

13. Seated Knee Tuck

14. Suitcase deadlift

15. V-ups

16. Dumbbell Pushup Row

17. Dumbbell Squat Trust

18. Barbell Hip Raise

19. Side Crunches

20. Side Plank


How I Did IT

The way I lost my belly, was not easy. That is simply because I was never a fan of working on my abdominal. I love working with every other body part, but when it came to abs, I became a slouch. I would tell myself every excuse in the book, just to avoid working on my abs. However, as time went by, and I mean a lot of time. I realize that my abs had simply disappeared and it was being engulfed by a huge mass of flesh. Least to say, was not appealing at all, and I would never expose my stomach at all. So I decided that enough was enough, and I need to change that, especially being told that I was at high risk for diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. So the choice was quite simple. I immediately started looking into different programs such as yoga and Pilates. Those programs did help tremendously, especially when I incorporated cardio and exercises to target my mid-section. I would literally work on my mid-section 5 days a week, 3-4 exercises from the list above, and do 200-400 reps, broken down in 4-8 sets. I utilized different levels of intensity, sets, and variations to help me achieve my desired goal.


We went over a lot in this article. I was straightforward, did not bullshit you and wanted you to feel exactly how I felt when I was in the same situation. So with that being said, If you made here, then you were not insulted or offended. Of course, it was not my intention to do so. However, I rather not sugar coat anything, and be dishonest about it, rather be brutally honest. Hopefully, you are motivated and a spark has lit a fire underneath your big butt, to encourage you to take advantage of all the resources available to help you lose your big fat belly, be happy and reclaim your life. See my friends, life is only one. Do you want to be happy? Do you want to live the way you want to? Do you want your confidence and self-esteem skyrocket? Of course, you do. Imagine all the new opportunities to come your way. Do keep in mind, after you achieve the desired result, you will have to engage, socialize and interact. I promise the rest of the pieces will come together. So what are you waiting for? Let’s go!! Let’s go!!! make it happen. Here is to a new and improved you. God bless you and live happily.


  • Mat A. says:

    Hi Dorian,
    Good article on how to lose your big fat belly. You’ve done a wonderful job covering just about all the bases. I appreciate that you don’t sugar coat it either. People have to know that it’s straight up hard work no matter how you slice it.
    I just read yesterday an always great piece of advice, abs are built in the kitchen. In my 25 + years of lifting about 60% of your abs can be attributed to your diet. It’s got to be clean and consistent. They hard work of exercise is important as well of course.
    Thanks for the great article,
    Mat A.

    • Dorian says:

      Your welcome Mat. I must say, I like that piece of advice, about how abs are built in the kitchen. Man, that is so true when you think about it. Cheers and keep up the lifting. Life long wonderful journey.

  • mike says:

    No doubt, knowing how to lose your belly is key to bodybuilding and good health.

    It’s interesting to see all the people in the gym with great arms and legs — and a big fat belly. Of course that’s because as much labor and discipline as it takes to build big biceps, it even takes more discipline to eat healthy doesn’t it?

    Not to mention, that after an hour of doing the best abdominal exercises — I’m hungry and craving something really unhealthy? However, I’ve found out that the more I eat healthy foods, the less I crave unhealthy food.


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